Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday in Cincy

The three of us entered the Danbarry Theaters in West Cincinnati at around 10:45 this morning to attend CHURCH.  Upon entering the lobby I immediately started to "recognize" faces of people I'd never met.  Faces that I'd seen on Pastor Ryan's blogA blog I read with great regularity - not because I know him, but because when I found his blog through another blog I read, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman,  I liked what I read.  I liked his style and his passion for God, and others.  I liked his authenticity.  I liked that he was interesting and took great pictures.
Back to church.  As we we stood there in the theater lobby (feeling slightly awkward) we were approached by a guy saying, "I think I know you guys".  Yeah.  Kinda. 
We really enjoyed our time of worship at Vineyard Westside Church today.  It was slightly disappointing that Ryan wasn't teaching today, but totally ok.  We were challenged. Remember I titled this morning's quick blog "Busy"?  Pastor Tim Urmston challenged us to be less busy.  To find solitary space (with God) to refuel, dump our junk, and listen to God....instead of doing all the talking (and asking).  He challenged us to replace "too busy" with 1 or more hours a day to be with God -- on a walk, sitting outside, praying, being alone in the quiet (without ipod, tv, radio).
It's easier these days for me to be quiet and less busy.  Our kids are grown now - we have more time.  I have no excuse. 
It's ok to be busy, just not all the time.
Pastor Ryan was nice enough to pose for a photo with me....and introduce me to his beautiful bride and daughter.  Quality people.
Here's the photo you were expecting Jen!
Me and Pastor Ryan
After church we were rather hungry, so we headed to a Cincinnati hotspot
For some really yummy sandwiches
Cara tells me I need more photos of people
and less photos of stuff
It was a really yummy lunch.
Today's Car Talk:
Me:  Kirk, you look really hot in those jeans, shirt and sunglasses today.
Me:  Did I just say you look hot in front of our daughter?
Me:  Yep, I did.
Me:  Well, I think it's healthy for children to hear their parents talk affectionately to one another.
Cara:  Wow, I like how you have a conversation with yourself when there are others around.
Kirk:  [Smile.  Silence.]


  1. Thanks for the pic! How cool to put a real face with a digital face. And I think I could eat all those fries right now if they were not digital.

  2. just make me smile!

  3. ahhh cara looks so pretty! i wanna see her! not fair.

  4. I'm glad you got to spend time with your little girl in Cincy. Looks like some Yummy food :)
    Be safe and have some more fun

  5. oh and ps... my side bar pic... i'm 20 now! ;)

  6. that food looks so good, I'm starving. Also, I love Cara's hair!

  7. It was awesome to meet you, Kirk, and Cara. You all seem like a fun bunch!

    Thanks for stopping by VWS, I hope we get to talk in real life again!

  8. Rayn told me about ya'll stopping by the VWS. Thats awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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