Thursday, October 30, 2008

Save, Toss, or Give-away?

What the's midnight and I'm just now starting my blog post.
That's what happens when our kids are home from college....we somehow start to think we can stay up as late as they do.  Tonight it was unintentional -- but it happened.
I should have known I was in for a late night when I found myself sitting in Subway eating dinner with them at 8:30 pm.  Then there were things to pick up at I did some grocery shopping.  From there it was putting away groceries, hanging new curtains (see pic below for the new look), which quickly turned to going through boxes of "Baby Girl's" things that she was trying to decide whether to save, toss, or give away.
Which brings us to this....
"Baby Girl with her "Megan Baby"
This little doll was one of Danae's first dolls and she always had it with her.  We are pretty sure the name came from our friend's little girl, Megan, who I started babysitting for when Danae was a little over a year old.  As soon as Danae saw her she said, "Oh, Megan Baby" if she had always planned to name her baby doll Megan.
"Megan Baby" definitely made the "save" box.
The black and white themed bedroom is finally coming together.  Now to choose an accent color.  Comforter is white.  Sheets:  Black; Curtains:  black/white; walls:  gray.  I think a deep, rich red (almost burgundy) would be nice.  Danae is leaning towards a jewel tone violet. Do you have any other suggestions?


  1. Hey i had the violet thought! give credit where credit is due lady! hehe

  2. My thought was a rich red (of course we think alike) but the violet would work too.

    I'll have to send Megan your blog so she can see the doll named after her.

  3. I just wanna say Danae is adorable!!!, but you already knew that.


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