Friday, October 31, 2008

No Tricks....just TREATS!

It was a TREAT tonight to meet the newest member of our neighborhood . . .

"Coby" is 5 months old, 55 lbs,
and a rescued Burnese Mountain Dog.
Which, if you remember from this post is one of my favorite dogs.
When I take care of the horses next summer,
we get to take care of Coby too!
I'm so happy Coby is my neighbor.
In our "neck of the woods" we only get a couple trick or treaters -
so when these three came to our door, we were pretty excited!
"Casey" was all decked out in a bee costume.
Casey got a TREAT too!
Then there was this rif-raf.  :)
H A P P Y    H A L L O W E E N


  1. what a hoot! you guys look do you have aspirations to be a biker chick in another time and place?
    There was a HUGE biker rally in Daytona beach the weekend we were there...we stopped counting at 700...and that was in about 2 hours, it was nuts.

  2. That's awesome! You look exactly like 100,00 people we hung out with in Milwaukee this summer!

  3. Who's that with Drummer Boy?? Let me know how your ride was.

  4. Love the Rif Raf


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