Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kid Talk

Anyone who has spent time around children know that they can say some pretty dadgum cute things.
By the time our kids were preschool age, it occurred to me that I should be writing these adorable words on paper.  Just any old paper wouldn't do . . . I wanted the finest, so I bought a composition book, because for some stupid reason, I really like 'em. 
And so it begins . . .
First Edition:  Word Definitions
"hangamer"   =  hamburger  (Nate/Danae)
"check-up"    =   Ketchup   (Nate/Danae)
"B-I-M"         =   IBM    (Danae)
"Each otherie"    =   Each other (Cara/Nate/Danae)
"Panna-cake"     =    Pancake    (Cara/Nate/Danae)
"Mackin"            =   Napkin   (Cara)
"Suesscase"        =    Suitcase  (Cara)
Unfortunately I started this when my kids were around 3, 4 and 5 years old....and I know I forgot some good ones by then.  Maybe this will encourage some young mom's to keep their own books.  I can still hear their little voices saying these things!


  1. I remember looking through that book at your old house!

  2. i can STILL remember not being able to say hamburger and cara would always tease me for it! haha

  3. I have alot of them written in their baby books, and you're right, I can distinctly hear their little voices speaking those words.

  4. Cheri...This is too sweet...It squeezed my heart!


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