Thursday, October 23, 2008

Internet Cravings

(A shout-out to all the visitors from Ryan's blog!  Welcome!)
My name is Cheri and I'm addicted to blogging.
Ok, maybe not addicted --- but I sure crave it.  To prove it, I've left the comfort of my father-in-laws home at 11 pm and drove to my sister and brother-in-laws home (down the road) to use their internet tonight!  They are in bed.  Kirk and dad are in bed back at dad's house.  I feel a little foolish -- but I'll get over it. 
The problem is, dad doesn't have internet.  In the past I've been able to connect to a neighbor's wireless - but times have changed and all the neighbors now have their wireless secured.  That means I have to be creative in finding times to blog.
Like this afternoon for instance.  Kirk took dad to the hardware store - and dropped me off at Starbucks - then, being the amazing husband that he is...he also went to the grocery store with dad and shopped for items I needed to make soup for dinner.
When they were done getting groceries, they joined me at Starbucks and had a coffee -- buying me even more time.  Then we called Faith (my adorable niece) and had her join us.
With all that time on my hands to blog, you'd think I wouldn't need to be in Sandy's kitchen blogging at midnight!
Just my luck -- Blogger was "down" and service was "interrupted".
But, because of that, I got to spend a little time with Faith - and Kirk got to buy her a coffee!
Sandy and Bob always have fun restaurants to take us to in St. Louis.  Norton's Cafe in Soulard Neighborhood of St. Louis was a treat - Cajun food! 
Being a Wednesday night - they weren't very busy. 
This morning . . .
We had breakfast with these guys. 
Which is an entertaining experience.  Definitely worth waking up at 7:30 am while on vacation!  The food is good.....the coffee is fair....but having breakfast with real life "Grumpy old men" is priceless! 
Fast forward to this evening.  Dinner is over, now it is snack/dessert time. . . (us older folk like something sweet after a meal)
I open the dad's freezer to see if he has ice cream . . .
Of course he does!
And if you like Vanilla -- you are in luck!
Reminder:  Dad lives alone. 
and dad really likes vanilla ice cream.
Note that it is Premium ice cream. 
None of that pansy low-fat, frozen yogurt stuff.
Note also all the pill bottles in the background. 
Dad probably shouldn't eat this.  He has a bad heart.
That's why mom always bought the low-fat, frozen yogurt, tasteless stuff.
Us kids have pretty much decided to let him enjoy his ice cream.
I feel much better now that I've blogged!
thanks for reading!


  1. oh fun. Grandpa D. always has a twinkle in his eye, heehee. Glad you found a way to blog! What would I do without something to read?!

  2. Whew....I was starting to sweat for you.
    I love the last pic of Kirks dad witht he pup...priceless :)

  3. I love the blog...grampa looks good! He sounded really good on the phone today too..he always sounds so much happier when you guys are around! ;) Love you!

  4. ahhhh i'm so jealous! you guys took the best road trip ever! you got to see EVERYONE! not fair. take me with you next time? i'll skip a week of classes, NBD. ;)


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