Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"I'm not dead yet"

As if bloggers need a reason to blog, yesterday we discovered that my blog was an important resource.  It literally made the difference between life, and death.

Kirk received this email from his former college roommate and friend yesterday:

"Hey Kirk!
Let me tell you a little story. I got home from work today about 6:45 pm. By the way, it snowed today in NJ. This was the first time I remember seeing snow in October.
Anyway, I went to the mailbox and found there the Geneva College 2008 Alumni Directory. I thought to myself, "this is probably the last one I'll order." After eating dinner, I decided to look through the directory to see what Geneva grads lived in NJ, then I just reviewed the class of 1981 list. When I got to your name, there were 2 asterisks next to the name. I stopped and went back to the beginning of the class of 1981 list and noticed 2 asterisks next to Elizabeth B's name, who I knew passed away several years ago. I double-checked and confirmed that the 2 asterisks meant "Deceased." I then went to the section of the book that included detailed information for each graduate, including address. I did not find your name. I felt this panic come over me. I ran to my computer to look up Cheri's blog page, which I had not visited in several months. Cheri had a picture of you driving back from St. Louis, Mo. with a date of October 25. I sighed with a sense of relief.
Listen, if you're not going to buy the latest version of the Alumni directories, would you at least send an update to let them know that you are still in the land of the living?! Yes, it was good to see your picture. Tell Cheri I said, "thank you," for keeping up the blog and having such a craving about blogging. Yes, again it was good to see you."

Kirk & Bill, Homecoming, 2006
Bill, if you are reading, I'm glad you found what you were looking for on my blog.  REAL glad!
Everyone else (even you surfers and lurkers)....thanks for reading!


  1. YIKES !!! Thank goodness he looked up your blog.

  2. See! There you go, dont ever let anyone tell you that blogging is silly of a waste of time. Poor Bill, what a gut wrenching feeling. Glad Kirk is with us :)

  3. haha, yikes! poor guy, I'm glad he was able to find out that Kirk was alive from your blog!

  4. hahahahahaha :) i'm glad daddy's alive too! and i'm glad i don't have to read your blog to find that out!!

    but am also glad other people can if that's the only way that they can find out!

  5. Cheri, yes, your blog was a wonderful resource for me! Keep up the good work. However, you really didn't have to post that picture again. :-)
    Also, thank you, Jackie for recognizing that it was "a gut wrenching feeling." My heart did drop a few inches into my stomach!


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