Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I like cold cereal.

As a young/new mom I was very careful to avoid giving my children any of the sugary cereals.  Cheerios & Kix -- that was it.  I was a hypocrite mom -- because I ate the "bad" sugar cereals while depriving my children of them.  I grew up with the likes of Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Sugar Pops, Sugar Smacks, etc.  So, while my children ate their healthy cereals, I'd pour myself a secret bowl of something full of sugar!  And so it began...the "secret eating."  Eventually the kids found me out -- and I could no longer deprive them of the sugary delights.  It soon became birthday tradition in our home that the "birthday child" got to choose WHATEVER cereal he/she wanted for their birthday, AND they could eat the entire box themselves, if they chose.  (unless I had a "secret bowl")

Now, I'm a changed woman.  I no longer deprive any child the taste bud party provided by sugary cereals.  In fact, I've also been known to let young children have ice cream with their cereal for breakfast when they stay with me!  Hey, dont' judge.  It's a dairy product.

Here's a blast from the '70's past....

Just one more.  Because the memories are so, well....SWEET !

Confession:  I like to eat cold cereal for lunch and dinner.  And a snack.

What's your favorite cereal?


  1. I love how the Captain Crunch add brags about being sugary sweet...Not very PC these days! My mom would never let us have sugar cereal except when we went camping and we got those cute little single serving boxes...We of course fought over the kinds. I actually don't really like sugary cereal all that much...which actually is shocking even to myself! I love Wheaties...but if I could I would eat it with whole milk instead of the skim we buy...and of course add a little sugar of my own...

  2. Cocoa Krispies and Captain Crunch!

  3. hmmm... favorite do i really have to pick...i like them all...I think i like cpt crunch with berries! or... rice krispie treats cereal yea that one!...but it's true i'm my mothers daughter when it comes to cereal!

  4. i love lucky charms, cinnamon toast crunch, cookie crisp, honey bunches of oats (does that count as sugary? i don't know if it does?), honey nut cheerios, fruit loops, and LOTS more! i LOVE cereal! :D

  5. G R A P E N U T S

    It's the best. end of story.

    ok -- I lied -- not end of story -- it tastes like wild hickory nuts :)

  6. Anything with crunchy little marshmallows rocks! Can I get a whole box of just the marshmallows?! I've tried to coach Natalie into rationing the marshmallows over the whole bowl, but she still eats them all first and is left with only the tasteless brown stuff which she has to choke down.

    BTW, (shameless advertisement here because this cereal is so good it's the only brand I buy anymore, with several varieties to choose from) there's a brand that Hy-vee carries in the natural foods section called Mom's Best Naturals- all the yummy taste but no high fructose corn syrup. And I think it's even cheaper than a box of Lucky Charms. I know I'm still eating sugar, but I feel *slightly* less guilty about it. So their Mallow-Oats have marshmallows made with sugar beet juice and blueberry, pumpkin and carrot concentrate for the color (yes, I just consulted the box in my cupboard). And it's made in Minnesota. I want to tour their factory and beg for a whole box of marshmallows!

  7. Definately Frosted mini wheats (bitesize)

  8. gross. Dad WOULD pick his rabbit food cereal...haha

    My favorite would have to be Froot Loops. But i also like the Rice Crispie Treats cereal, and Cap'n Crunch!

    And i guess we were just to clever for you, mom, you with trying to hide your sugary cereals from us when we were little! You should have known that ALL kids come equipped with Sugar-Radar! haha


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