Wednesday, October 08, 2008

First Attempt

Recently a student (that was involved in student ministries at our church when I was on staff as student ministries director) asked me to take his senior pictures.  Because I like to take pictures I agreed.  However I made sure to tell him, and his mom, that am VERY much an amateur novice beginner.  And, because of my lack of knowledge and expertise in the senior picture arena, I would not charge one single red cent (or copper) for his pictures.  Of course they will have to pay for the pictures they order.

Here's the first one I edited.  Is it ok?
He was a perfect "model".  He knew exactly what he wanted and was very photogenic.  I think he could have a future in modeling. 


  1. ahhh mom! it looks so good! :) he looks so studly!

    can we take pretend sr pics of me sometime? ;)

  2. You don't ever need to be worried about your photographic abilities...I'd say they are pretty're pictures always look awesome!

  3. Very nice my friend,isnt it fun :)


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