Saturday, October 25, 2008

End of the road

1600 miles.
26+ hours in the car.
Me and my backside couldn't be happier to be home in Rochester.  It is surely flatter than when we started out 10 days ago!  My hip joints & knees continue to complain as well.
Major shout-outs to my drummer boy --- husband, and DRIVER!  He endured my whining about aching joints, and backside, like a gentleman AND he did nearly all the driving!  I think I drove a total of 5 hours the entire trip.  He is so good to me!
He wishes this was his car!
A street in St. Louis
I love wind farms.
In Iowa
Obviously at sunset.
For some reason, they seem so
calming and peaceful to me.
It's good to be home.
I still miss my kids though.


  1. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. I love to see the windmill farms too. NY is getting more of them all the time. (but not around here)

    and WELCOME HOME !!!

  2. Thanks for making the long trip! I'm so glad you came to visit! Can't wait till you do it again ;) haha! I loved having you guys here! hope your butt and joints start to feel better soon! :)

  3. There's just something about being home :)

    Glad your trip went well. I Love the sunset pictures...nice

  4. Cool pics, glad you're home! Now you can blog at your own convenience


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