Friday, October 03, 2008

Cheri gets scared

Our two youngest came home from the university this afternoon. along with their laundry, laughter, smiles, jokes and hungry tummies.  So we let them choose a place to eat.  I realize good moms would have made their favorite meal -- but I have a wicked cold and I worked today -- so don't judge.  Picking a place to please them both (and our wallet) can be a challenge.  Victoria's, Olive Garden, Culver's, Chipotle (my choice), Erbs & Gerbs -- agreement came quicker than usual tonight.

When the kids come home, their friends come "home" too.  Like tonight.  Both have friends over.  I love it when their friends come and feel comfortable here.  I love their friends... even when they do stuff like this:

Nice, huh?  First they deceive me, then they scare me half to death - while recording the scene --- then they post it on YouTube! 
Ah, the love.


  1. I had the volume turned way up, when Rick heard your scream come from the computer speakers he said, "oh my goodness,is it worth seeing" Ha

  2. It's late and I can't sleep, and now YOU just woke Dave up....he walked out have dazed and said what was that scream...oh it's just Cheri...go back to bed. You'll hear about that one : )

  3. It's weird.. I feel soo.. responcible for that scream.. yet.. so innocent.

  4. LOL, that was awesome. Nice scream.

  5. You could have been in "psycho" hehe! I wanna come home and eat erbs...we don't have those here in cincy! :( off to sleep!

  6. still feed those children after that treatment! :-)

    Grace and Jonah loved it! Unfortunately it probably planted some ideas!


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