Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bunny Rescue

Kirk went out to skim the leaves from the pool this morning and found this little guy sitting in the skimmer.
It was a pretty pathetic sight
Nate and Kirk came to the rescue
but little bunny didn't like the idea of being moved
and kept trying to crawl away
Finally pulled out of the skimmer,
the bunny decided to "swim for it"
which was another pathetic sight
Nate eventually managed to
get the skimmer underneath little bunny
which was a good thing, because bunny was exhausted
Now we're talking VERY pathetic
the little guy didn't budge
then he started to shake --
So we got an old towel and covered him up
and he still didn't move. 
So Nate rubbed him with the towel to dry him off.  Since we were headed to church, I put him in a box, covered him with another dry towel then moved the box to a warm, hidden spot.
and to our delight, when we came home from church the little guy
was eating clover just a few bunny hops from the box.
Happy Day!
When I came back with some carrots he hopped away from me
--- still a little shakey, but holding his own.
Come next spring, after I plant my garden, I probably won't be so happy to have him around.  But for now, it's all good.

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