Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apartment life

This past week we visited our daughter in Cincinnati and stayed at her apartment with her and her 2 roommates.
Within an hour of arriving at her apartment, she whisked us off to IKEA (with our blessings) to give our approval on the dresser and wardrobe she wanted to purchase.
The dresser, wardrobe, and bookshelf Cara bought didn't even come close to fitting in our Toyota daddy came to the rescue and rented an Enterprise van through IKEA.  $25 for 4 hours.  SO worth it.
And the fun begins . . .
after getting it to the apartment, the next step is to assemble it!
Kirk put both pieces together (with a little help from Cara) -- took about 3 hours each.
the wardrobe . . .
       We just loaded the shelves up.  Cara is going to be decorating and setting up her new "grown up" room over the next couple days.
Kirk was not happy about hanging this shelf
This is the outside of her townhouse.  She lives upstairs.
that entryway on the right side is where they enter to their apartment.
It's a neat old place with lots of character - in an awesome neighborhood.
This is the entry way....walk in the door, head upstairs.
At the top of the stairs, looking down to the door
At the top of the stairs...the bathroom straight ahead and kitchen to the right.
that's the stairway to the 2 attic rooms.
the girls just decorated the bathroom in black/white
before we arrived
the roomies all love "Blue Moon" - so we are working around that too!
we shopped around for blue and orange items - the theme colors of their kitchen
This is the "inspiration piece"
Orange & Blue are the colors --
Jessica, Kirk, Luke & Cara
at the table in the kitchen
Being in the apartment scene, with young girls can make an older woman jealous of the fun life they are living!  What a great experience, 3 friends (who are all nurses) living together in an adorable apartment!  Makes me wish I'd had that experience.  I'm SO glad Cara is getting this chance.  She is such a strong, independent young woman.  I admit it, I'm proud.


  1. Thanks for the pictures Cheri! Now I can picture where Cara lives, it looks very nice! I like her new stuff. I'm glad she has such a great Mommy and Daddy to come help her!

  2. What fun!! Makes me a little envious cool and grown-up. You have every right to be proud of her! And I agree, she does have a pretty cool mom and dad... ;-)

  3. Awesome apartment. She gets her "eye" for decorating from you Cheri :)
    I miss Cara...she looks very happy

  4. nice. i think i'll have to be dropping by for a visit sometime!

  5. Gail/Grandma Cramer8:23 AM CDT

    Awesome!!! What a pleasure to have a part in decorating Cara's apartment. Yes, it's a great time in her life..enjoy it Cara. More good stuff to come, so.... Cara, enjoy today and God will provide for tomorrows.


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