Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Windy City

This afternoon Cara called from Cincy.  She was outside - and it sounded like she was in the middle of Hurricane Ike!  Today Cincinnati has experienced their own mini-hurricane (like a category 1).
Over 500,000 people are without power.  Including Cara.
They say it might be 3-4 days before the power is back on!
Here's what says on their website:
Winds gusting at hurricane force left hundreds of thousands of people without power in the Tri-State Sunday.  After the winds subsided, many residents were faced with the daunting task of cleaning up.
Wind gusts approached 80 mph -- speeds of a Category 1 hurricane. Sustained winds were clocked at 40 mph -- wind speeds of a tropical storm.
The last I read, three people had lost their lives.  There is major damage to buildings, homes, cars.
The good news:  Cara and her friends are all ok.
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  1. Wow...crazy wind. I'm glad Cara is ok, whew

  2. YIKES. Glad that Cara and friends are ok.

  3. dang, big winds... i thought at first that picture of the street with the trees down was cara's street!

  4. Ok, I'll admit that the 80mph gusts are bad... but you gotta admit it -- Minnesota gets 30-35 mph winds at least once a year...

    When we were moving here -- my friend said this is the only place he had ever lived where he heard a forecast of "Damaging Winds" -- I suppose Cincy can claim that now too.

    All said -- it's a shame folks lost lives because of it.

  5. I feel as though it could have been faster than that! And nate their were tree's down near and around my street and powerlines down all over!!! I have power again!!!!! it was actually a very exciting day!


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