Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wild Pitch & The Rook

Friday after work Kirk and I headed North to IKEA.
I wanted to scope out the office gear/cabinetry for our church office (which shall soon have a new look) and also needed to buy a few things for the church before the open house --- tomorrow!
I thought these were pretty nice
they have lots of flexibility and nice file drawers!

Shopping was fun - yet slightly stressful.  It was IKEA, after all.
However, there was a pay-off for making this evening trip north.
Over the past few years, as we have traveled to and from the Twin Cities, we find ourselves looking for reasons to stop at our favorite bar -- King's Tavern in Miesville, Minnesota.  It's a bit off the beaten track -- but we don't care! 
Last night was no exception . . .
I think they have over 25 different kinds of burgers!
and these aren't your everyday, run-of-the-mill,
cheeseburgers, or bacon-cheddar burgers
(although they have those too)
Here's where you will have to forgive my photography.  I wasn't feeling particularly bold last night, so I shot the photos without a flash (with my point & shoot) -- and well, it shows.
This is my burger.  It's called "Wild Pitch"
burger + fried egg + salsa + jalapenos + cheese
I highly recommend it - amazing!
burger + fried egg + hot dog + cheese + bacon
 = "The Bull Pen"
(I found this burger photo on Flicker)
Kirk had a burger called "The Rook" ---
            cheese+lettuce+green olives+special sauce
You should go sometime --- just make sure you invite us!


  1. Next time we come out there you must take us there. I love juicy burger's.

  2. lets do it....Rick would order the plain burger, but I would try something wild. yum
    I like the office furniture, very modern and contemporary looking.


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