Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Dunnit?

On a stroll around the garden to count still growing pumpkins, (they seem to appear daily)  I came across this . . .
this pumpkin had a lot of promise -- it had a unique shape, was getting larger every day, and was about ready to start turning orange.
Who What does this to a pumpkin?
We've ruled out mice and rabbits.
Probably not coons or possum either.
The teeth marks are large...
and .....well, that's a lot of pumpkin gone!
Whatever is eating this gourd
loves pumpkin and has quite an appetite.
 Sunday afternoon these rodents adorable visitors were in our front yard.  There were 4 of them --- the 3rd young one was a little more shy and didn't want to come out of hiding for the photo shoot -- maybe it was my choice of words?

Do deer eat pumpkins? 

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  1. In answer to your question: Do deer eat pumpkins? From our experience; deer like pumpkin leaves, raccoons or possum might be a culprit. We still run to the window when we see deer in our yard, however, it is with mixed feelings. Deer do a lot "A LOT" of damage in our yard even destroying trees. They really did a trick on my favorite holly tree last year. I almost lost it to them.


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