Tuesday, September 09, 2008


It's been said that you can tell a lot about a person by how clean their car is (on the inside), or what books are on their bookshelves, or CDs in their collection.
I wonder if that applies to purses?

In a moment of "can't find it" panic the other day, I dumped the contents of my purse. 

Kirk needed me to find my prescriptions that needed filling -- now.  (I'd already "forgot" several times).  After several minutes of rummaging through the chaos, I finally dumped the bag.  

The rush of shame as the contents cascaded onto the floor was magnified as the onlooker --my husband, slowly shook his head, saying things like, "I just can't believe you have money thrown in there."  Oh, just a few dollar bills (and a 10 spot) ...not a big deal.

Crazy thing is, I like things neat and organized.  I just have a hard time keeping up with stuff.  It must be the 40 hour a week job.  Yeah, that's it.

To quote a favorite U2 Song..."I still haven't found what I'm looking for" --- is all I could think when I came up empty on the prescriptions. 

However, I did find:
3 Advil, 3 grocery lists, emery board, camera, phone & charger, comb, many receipts, coupons, my datebook, lip gloss, lipstick, $13, 2 pencils, 6 pens, church bulletin, church hand-out cards, floss, Victoria's Secret card for a free panty, an earring that isn't mine (but I thought it was, so I took it from lost+found), 3 slips of paper with window measurements, Panera card...you get the idea! 

So, what's the most unusual or embarrassing item in your purse, wallet, computer bag, backpack?

Next:  The bookshelves!  (at least they are neat)

P.S.  I found the prescriptions!!!!


  1. Say...did you happen to find my checkbook with your perscriptions? I believe a purse should be big enough to carry a toddler...in case you find a cute one just hanging around! :-)

  2. Every once in awhile I have to "dump" my purse to find something. How do you keep a purse organized???

  3. Right now I'm "in-between two purses. Nothing to embarrasing at this point, although that's not always the case :)

  4. I didn't find anything embarrassing, but realize that I carry around four different types of medicine with me at all times. I need a bigger bag!!


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