Thursday, September 25, 2008

What are you passionate about?

I love to putz around the house . . . decorating, moving furniture, moving it back again....that's another story for another day though!

Over the summer Crosswinds Church (where we attend) did a message on "using our passions to serve.  The "Planning Team" decided I had a passion that fit the message for the week.  We were just about ready to move into our new church building.  I was spending lots of time at the building.... choosing paint, painting, meeting tile guys, meeting with Lonzo, the construction company building supervisor.  I was also blogging about the decorating progress now and then.

Long story short --- they made a video of me -- blogging about decorating!  That's two, two, two mints passions in one!  (remember that commercial ?) 

I can't resist.....

Back to the video -- blogging about decorating:

Did you notice how deformed my thumbs look when I type?  That makes me crazy!

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  1. The church looks beautiful Cheri...I know I've told you that before...but it's true...It has your beautiful, deformed thumb prints all over it... :-) I can only imagine how God will use that space to glorify himself...Thank you for serving...


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