Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This one's for the girls . . .

Dressing for work or church or social events usually involves adding some adornment --- jewelry, to "complete the outfit".  Ladies, you know what I mean...the earrings (for all the piercings) a necklace, a ring or two, a bracelet, the watch, toe ring.   
 They say after you put your jewelry on, you should then take off a few pieces before walking out the door.  Which I do.  Most of the time.  Somedays I never should have worn jewelry to begin with.  This is evident by the mad rush made to the bedroom when arriving home to strip myself of the adornments as fast as I can!
Sometimes it just feels like the bling is going to strangle me!
Can anyone identify with this?  Are some of us girls "wired" to wear more jewelry than others?  Does anyone else feel this way?  Maybe it's just a "stage" I'm going through. 
Either way, I seriously need to clean and organize this jewelry mess!


  1. oooooh i completely understand! i see other girls wearing jewelry and i wonder how they make it look so simple and flawless when i often feel like i look overdone w/just a necklace... i have more jewelry than i know what to do with and other than my everyday staples of my ring and my stud earings, i hardly wear any of it! ... yet i continue to buy it!? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

  2. I'm with danae! I have a lot i just don't always know what to do with it! It depends on the outfit!!! i would much rather accessorize with scarf!

  3. I'm a ring girl. Never wear a bracelet, seldom a necklace. But I got me a pile of ring and not enough fingers :)

  4. Cheri...You think that's a mess??? You should see my "collection"! Jewelry is fun...go for it...or not...

    As for me...I'm practicing to be the crazy eccentric old lady...the more...the wilder...the better!

  5. Sorry...One more thing...You'll never hear me say..."Do you think the tiara is too much?!" :-)

  6. It takes a great effort on my part to even think of bothering to put any jewelry on at all. But, when I do, it's usually a ring. Well I should say I always have my earring in, but changing them is the effort I seldom put it! I need to up my jewelry level! heehee. I always gaze with amazement at Cara's collection.


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