Monday, September 15, 2008


Saturday was amazing.
Like, we woke up, and got ready to go. Then we like, drove to Dave and JoLynn's house where they had like, this amazing breakfast of HUGE cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and COFFEE waiting for us.
and then......we like, drove to Edina where the spa was, and we all got ready for our massages in the dressing rooms, and like put on these robes and soft slippers.  Then we like met in this quiet room that was like softly lit, with a fireplace and drank water with like, cucumbers in it, and had coffee too, while we waited for our massages.
Then like this lady came in and said, "Cheri?"  and, yeah I like was the first called in, and was like last one done!  Score for me!
Annoying isn't it?  How some people say "Like" 87 times in a sentence?  I promise, I'm done.  I like promise, I'll like stop now.
After our 85 minute massage (we all had one at the same time) we headed to Grand Avenue to do some shopping.  And to have lunch.
Salut is like a french burger place?  With a twist.
Too bad it was raining, it looked so cozy outside.
I got a kick seeing these kids at the bar with their dad. 
I'm guessing they pleaded to sit at the bar....As a kid, I secretly wanted to sit at the "counter" at Schoop's, on the rare occasion when the family went out for a burger.
Meet Dave & JoLynn.  They are our friends.
We like them.  They like us.  They are fun.
(remember when you used to write simple like that?)
If I told you what I eat, you would tell me to stop eating so much!
(that was on the wall in the restaurant)
This was also on the wall:
I like french people
they taste like chicken.
                                    ---Hannibel Lechter
The bathroom door - from the inside.
The bench on the patio of Salut --
(because it gives me an idea for the church)
THESE are bottles - for sale - that have been spray painted.
A cheap decorating idea for college students and young ladies who are decorating their own apartment now!
Our men are so patient! 
As JoLynn and I shopped in Anthropologie, Cooks of Crocus Hill, J.Crew, Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor Loft, Restoration Hardware, Williams-Sonoma, and many other stores, these wonderful men followed us (and brought us coffee).  They would find a comfy spot and chat (do men chat?) while we carried on with the business of shopping.
When we got to Williams-Sonoma Dave did come to life a bit.  He likes to cook too!  Dave and I were admiring this stove and guessing the price.  C'mon, what do you think it costs?
$8,600.00 + $1,100 for (required) delivery!
We thought that was spendy, until we spotted another stove in the window which ranged from $40,000 - $60,000 !!!  Of course that made the $8,600 stove sound reasonable! ??  They are really neat stoves.  Evidently they sold one of the latter recently to someone they didn't even think cooked!  That's just not right.  What a waste.
I'm thankful I have a stove.  And electricity! 
Hang in there Cincinnati!


  1. Cheri, I think you have LIKE ADHD...Ha
    Sounds like a fun day. Grand avenue is a fun place to shop!!! Did you go to the "Creamery" good icecream.

  2. like sound like fun!!!


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