Thursday, September 04, 2008


     I dropped my old razor in the shower the other day, which caused it's demise....after shaving only one leg!  Finishing with just the top (blade) portion, without the handle was a challenge, but I managed, vowing to buy a new one on the way home from work.  (Since shaving everyday is something I've done since high school)
I stopped at "the Walmarts" (can someone explain why some people call it that?) after work to purchase a new razor.  Having been about 7 years or so since I've bought a new razor, I was shocked to see all the choices! 
I picked up one that seemed to be a pretty color, not really paying attention to the packaging.  Imagine my surprise this morning as I began to open the packaging in my "didn't get enough sleep" stupor to see that my new razor came with a AAA battery!
The crazy thing has a vibrator in it!
Here's what the manufacturer says about it:  "Gently exfoliates to instantly reveal more radiant skin. Soothing vibrations shave you close ...gently seeps away dull, dry skin."

All I have to say is, "WHATEVER".  I just wanted a razor...with 3 blades, not 5.  I don't need a stink'n vibrating razor to shave with! 
Notice the battery is still in the package?
What on earth is this world coming to?


  1. For the same reason people call the Mayo clinc, "the Mayo's" Ha

  2. apparently peoples likes to adds s's haha...and mom those razors have been around for quite a few years and the 3 blade thing really you should ask why can't you just have 1 thats all ya need ;)

  3. Anonymous5:44 PM CDT

    I have heard "the Mayo" before too...a cross between "the clinic" as us locals call it and just plain "mayo" I suppose? Oh and I shave everyday too...hate the day 2-3 pricklies. Does it really have 5 blades? way does anyone need 5 blades? seriously. :-)

  4. LOL, too funny. I always buy disposables, I'd probably be shocked if I looked at the real razors too!

    I had a patient say once (in southern accent) "I knew when Bob got sick we had to get us right down to "the mayo"


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