Monday, September 01, 2008

The Reveal !

Although I'm not quite done with my kitchen "make-over" project, several of you have complained (you know who you are) that it is taking too long to post about it.  Well, "tell me about it"! 
I've spent every night after work painting...
One coat of primer, two coats of color, one coat of Watco Wax/stain. 
And I will be the first to admit that it was SO WORTH IT!
I absolutely love the new look in my kitchen!
It's amazing what paint, new hardware & a couple rugs will do for a kitchen!
To get the "cottage" look, I removed two cabinet doors.  I'm really liking the open shelves.
Ok, so here you can see that I still have the baseboards to do. 
Next week.
Here's the new rug that was on clearance at TJMaxx!  It is an indoor/outdoor rug that you clean by hosing it down. 
How perfect for a kitchen!
Of course one project leads to more ideas and more projects, so next I think I'm going to lower the ledge between the living area and kitchen work area, extend the counter out 12" and put stools there for near the fireplace!
However, Kirk says that won't happen til he gets the garage done.  I'll have to hurry him up with that!


  1. it loooks so neat momma!!! it's like you got a brand new kitchen!! brave of you to take the cupboard doors off! i can't wait to see it in person! :D

  2. Very cool Cheri...I love it. Cant wait to see it in person.

  3. i wanna see... it is a different color than i had pictured what i pictured in my head not pretty this VERY pretty...what doors did you take off...i wanna see!

  4. WOW, my friend. You have been busy. I cannot wait to see this in real life. It looks very tranquil.


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