Monday, September 08, 2008

Reason to Celebrate

Yesterday Crosswinds Church celebrated our 11th year with an open house at our new building!
Just like any open house/party, there are always plenty of things to get done at the last minute . . .
like landscaping
and cleaning
and rehearsing (if you are performing in the concert)
(josh performing last February -- latest performance not on YouTube yet!)
Finally, the big day arrives.
The "church lady" showed up at the morning services, as well as some of the construction crew and Lonzo, the building superintendent. (click on Lonzo's name to see how he participated in one of our services)
Some cavemen joined us for the concert to illustrate how people really haven't changed much through history! A much loved drama.
Yes, this is church. Church for people who are far from God and looking for answers. Church for people who wonder if God is relevant in their lives. A church that isn't about becoming a large church, but about being the church to each other, and our community.
As Pastor Ryan at Westside Vineyard Church would say,
"Love Wins".

Hopefully soon I'll have clips of the church lady's visit!


  1. well said. I can always rely on you summing it all so nicely...if I had my own blog started, I would have to be posting a link. Ah but wait..I may have to figure out how to post a link of it to my new facebook page...if thats' ok?

  2. It was very lovely to visit your new church building! Very inviting :)

  3. thanks Karyn. Sure, you can post a link.

  4. I'm envious.....good job Cheri on all your part to make it all come together

  5. The concert was awesome, and your new church building is beautiful!!! Thanks for the invite,It was a great way to spend our Sunday evening.

  6. hahahahaha, your actually does look like you!


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