Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Week's Randomography

FACT: Pastor Ryan made up the word "Randomography".
FACT: Randomography means the last group of photos extracted from his camera.
FACT: It means telling a story with little or no words.

TRUTH: I like his idea. I take lots of random photographs.
TRUTH: Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
TRUTH: I'm going to imitate Ryan's idea.
TRUTH: My photos may or may not tell a story.

(Hint: The only things these photos have in common is that they were taken last week....and maybe the week before ;)

this beauty was in front of me leaving our neighborhood. What's the make, model & year?
floor in the women's bathroom,
Lourdes Hall, Winona State University.
Truth? I was sitting on the toilet!
no kidding. one of these on each side of the garage door. it's a house we pass on our walks.
a tender moment between friends
my horse loving friend - the monkey bars were wet.
my guys at the Twin's game. it was a win!
They met there. One arrived from Winona, the other Rochester.
thanks for the idea Ryan!
Off to watch an acquaintence tv star, Blake Shields on Heroes!


  1. Fun pics.The bathroom floor could make for a great Picasa background pic. Poor Natalie....Looks like a nasty break....was it?

  2. Considering I spent most of my childhood around old cars with my parents (restoring cars and taking them to shows) I feel compelled to comment about the car...Make & year are easy since they are visible (thanks to the collector plates), I'm pretty sure about the model: 1958 Chevy Bel Air

    Jackie - it was pretty bad (multiple spiral fractures in the shinbone), but could have been worse.

  3. I thought I recognized those tiles! I spent much time looking at them after living in Lourdes for a year!


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