Saturday, September 27, 2008

It started here

Long before the scrapbooking craze began, I was doing my own "scrapbooking" using a three-ring binder - and construction paper, notebook paper & pictures from magazines.  
At 15 my heart had already been broken.  By 16 I was trying to gain some independence and be all "grown-up".  Then Kirk and I started dating.....and falling in love.
When you are a "first-born" -- independence and growing up aren't easily come's a lot of work (sorry Cara!).   To ease my pain, sometimes I'd read poetry.  Or write my own poetry.  Other times my heart would be bursting with joy and love -- so I'd write poems.

Or I'd look through my Bible for verses I liked - then put them in my notebook.  At first the pages were all handwritten.  Then one year I got my very own electric typewriter.  With erasable bond paper stacked at my side, I began typing up all the poetry and sayings, and music lyrics, and Bible verses.  Then I'd put them in my binder.
I also have pages filled with  these little "Love is . . ." cartoons.  Kirk would cut them out of the daily Chicago newspaper when he was working at the steel mill over the summer.  He'd give them to me on dates -- or save them, and mail them with the letters he sent while he was away at school.  Everybody now....."awwwwwww".
Check out the embellishments! The use of stickers on the pages.
I don't think I've ever shown anybody this book before!  I know my kids haven't seen it (unless they did on the sly) -- and I'm not so sure Kirk has seen it either.  I've kept it pretty hidden.  I think because I was embarrassed.  It is kinda corny. 


  1. I think it's sweet :)

  2. I think it's sweet too...and what fun for your family to read...someday...

  3. i think it's cute :) i wish i had the motivation to do such things! i also wish they still put those "love is" things in the paper... and that i had a bf to cut them out for me... sigh.

  4. I LOVE it mom! I wanna see all this stuff where have you been hiding it!?!


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