Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the garden

Martha, move over 'cuz Cheri's "in the house garden!" 

I've made salsa, tomato sandwiches, more salsa, open-face cheese/tomato/onion sandwiches, tomato omelets, salsa and we've eaten our fair share of plain tomatoes too.  Don't get me wrong, we love tomatoes.  The problem is there is a lot, yet not enough.  That is, not enough to can.  So we eat.  The chickens go absolutely crazy when they see me coming now - they LOVE tomatoes, even the soft, moldy ones.  It's much easier to feed the old ones to the chickens than throwing them out.  Goats would be a big help too.  Still working on that one though.

The pumpkins are getting big and turning orange . . .
The sunflowers - they are such a "happy" flower.
Next year, I'm planting a LOT more sunflowers!
I filled the wagon with pumpkins, and sunflowers on Sunday! 
Can you read the word on the wagon?
How 'bout now?
What word did your mind read?
Viagra maybe?  C'mon, be honest.

That's what our kids saw when they first
spotted the wagon at Home Depot a few years ago!  I'm not sure they knew what Viagra was back then!  Since that day, dad's wagon became the "Viagra Wagon".  Gotta love having young adults around!
I can hardly stop looking at this beautiful site!
Next year we are planting a huge pumpkin patch!
And more sunflowers
And we shall let our friends bring their children to our pumpkin patch to pick free pumpkins --- and have a fire with hot dogs & s'mores!  Next fall.


  1. Your blog absolutley brought a smile to my face...The pictures are so pretty, the Viagra wagon cracked me up, and your plan for a hot dog roast NEXT FALL is wonderful. Thanks for brightening my morning

  2. what gorgeous pics, Cheri! You seem to be having a ball in your garden! I am jealous of the salsa! Sounds so good!Also, you could make some really yummy stuff out of the pumpkins too. Hmmmmmmmmm....

  3. OH dear sweet naive mother...we knew what viagra was we have this thing in our house called a TV it teaches us all sorts of things not to mention we went to public school! haha and i'm pretty sure we were all in highschool when dad got the viagra wagon! and just fyi viagra was originally for the heart, so i don't know what your dirty mind was thinking ;)

  4. pretty sure we should plant BIGGER pumpkins next year! maybe even those ones that get up to a couple hundred pounds!! haha

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  6. take such gorgeous pictures! I'm living vicariously ...not viagrasly...through you! It's like visiting Martha Stewart here everyday...before she went to jail that is! I've always wanted chickens and a goat...and a donkey...and a potbelly pig...and a husband who cleans off the kitchen table...Way too much to ask for! :-)


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