Saturday, September 20, 2008


Our children are a gift. We've always believed that. (even in the difficult times). Children seem to bring out the best in a person -- and occasionally-- the worst. (We've experienced both those extremes in our family).
Last night we took a "surprise party" to Danae's house. She didn't know we were coming - or that we were bringing food for a party that she didn't know was happening.
It was fun spend a few hours with her and her roomates and friends, and other friends from HS that showed up. There was a lot of estrogen in the house.....and energy!
(like her grandma Dietzman, Danae loves her perfumes!)
and shoes !
The style of these is actually called "Danae",
so she HAD to have them. Big sister sent them to her from Cincy.
They couldn't be named better - they are SO "Danae".
Being the social party girl she is, Danae had other parties to go to, so we headed off to hang with Nate for awhile...but not before he raided his little sister's fridge!
The bachelor pad . . .
The orange chair -- is on its way out....
He wants a real manly chair - like a recliner
All the important stuff: fridge, tv, games
We got home after midnight ...
two very tired parents...who just can't party like we used to!
So, what do you think of this new blog look?


  1. Great Blog, great New layout(I really like it) and I think the picture of Danae at the very top of your blog is so "danae".

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM CDT

    So sweet...and I LOVE LOVE those shoes! And am liking the new blog look too!


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