Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Books and Seven

It's a blog of 7's on Pastor Ryan's blog today.  I spent a good part of today (on and off) trying to decide if I wanted to join in.  Because, well, I'm shy.  No, really, I am! 
Take a look at my list, then page down to see my bookshelves!
Here's a list of the last seven books I've read:
1.  The Shack, by William Young
2.  Velvet Elvis, By Rob Bell
3.  Searching For God Knows What, by Donald Miller
4.  A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle
5.  Water For Elephants
6.  A New Kind of Christian, by Brian McLaren
7.  The Story We Find Ourselves In, by Brian McLaren
Hmmmm, what shall I share tomorrow?


  1. I see many books that I have also read ! I have "the Shack" sitting on my kitchen counter, ready to read after I finish the 3 I'm reading now. Did you like it???

  2. oh, don't be shy :)

    i loved a thousand splendid suns. i was angered; i was saddened; i cried; i cheered and i cried again.

    btw -- i found you through from ryan's blog :)

  3. I like the stack of blue + black books. It looks cool.

  4. wow! That is alot of books, lady and I think I recognize a few! :)
    Lately I have read "The Girl Who Went Swimming", "The Doctor's Wife", "The Reading Group", "Pack Up the Moon", "Gods in Alabama". They were all very good! But, it doesn't look like you need any suggestions with all of those books on your shelf!!!


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