Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Girl Visit

Today I got an instant message from our baby girl. It went something like this:

Baby girl: You remember that I'm coming home this evening right?
Me: Yeah, now I do.
Baby girl: Yeah, I'm getting my hair done.
Me: What time?
Baby girl: 6:00. I thought maybe we could get appetizers or dinner or dessert, or something when I'm done.
Me: Sure. You aren't spending the night then?
Baby girl: No, I'm gonna drive back tonight, I don't want the stress of having to be up and back to school in time for class.
Me (while thinking): sure, now I'll have the stress of worrying about you driving alone late at night) Ok, we'll see you soon, drive carefully.

At around 8:00 she called. Her hair was done, she was happy. And hungry. But, first she needed power steering fluid!
Kirk always has the kids do the "work" on stuff like this. I must say that the kids probably know more than I do about cars. Sad.
But, it does help them to be more independent.
Not that we mind them depending on us...
but someday we won't be around -- or they won't be around us. They could be in Cincinnati
or some other crazy far-from-home place.
In the meantime, daddy is always happy to help his kids out.
He's a good dad.

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  1. Kirk is just the cutest thing around his kids! :-)


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