Monday, August 04, 2008

Wedding - Part I
As many of you know, our vacation "out west" started with our nephew's plan to get married in Idaho (where his bride is from). We figured that as long as we were that far west, we may as well head to Yellowstone National Park. A trip with the family to the West just happened to be on Kirk's list of goals, so we loaded up the van and to the West we went!
Many events took place prior to the wedding. Parties, hikes, whitewater rafting, the groom's dinner, etc. Then, on July 26th the event all 100+ friends and family had converged on McCall, Idaho for arrived . . .
An outdoor wedding & reception: we head through the gate,

pass the beautifully set tables for the reception ---
with the pretty flowers ---
-- and take a sneak peak at the ring bearer pillow -- with the real rings on it!
and take our seats --(which you can't see cuz we got a real close-up seat - being family and all)!
That's a start on the pre-wedding ceremony pictures. Tomorrow: Part 2 -- maybe.
On a side note: Our church building is finally done and we have our occupancy permit! I had off work today to "recover" from vacation... but did little recovery....instead I shopped for decorative items for the church .... and things for the walls! Our first service there will be Wednesday night....and this Sunday will be our first Sunday in the new building!!

A "shout-out" to our long-time, dear friend Mark in CT --- thanks for thinking of Cara and asking about when her boards are so you can pray for her. It means a lot.


  1. Pretty pics. Looks like there was no shortage of photo ops on your trip! Glad you're back in time for the first service at the new church.

  2. Nice update, I watched the entire slide captured some wonderful moments

  3. What where's the slide show!? and where did mark comment!? I wanna see!


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