Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Straight from the horse-lover's mouth:
"A racing horse rider is called a jockey"
(Natalie, age 6.5 years)
Other stuff:
Thrift store shopping and freebies:
The amber color glassware I collect ~ 60 cents for both!
An antique wood ironing board (that I've always wanted)....$1.00
A card file for my cards, envelopes and cardmaking supplies
2 of these for the garage for Kirk's tools
FREE! For the church nursery!


  1. Good scores! I'm thinking we will need a bigger nursery for the rocking chairs, but you can't beat free! :)

  2. AWESOME! Can you find some "free" countertops and cupboards for the church office too??? :0)

  3. Wendy....I'm looking! We'll come up with something good for you!

  4. What an awesome shopper you are Cheri.
    Would you believe your mom used to iron on one of those wood iron boards? It was set low. You know for a little shorter person.

  5. Those glasses look like they match the others. I've never seen that shape before. They'd make nice dessert dishes too.


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