Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to post on the blog. Sometimes I get an idea at the last minute. Today happens to be a good day - but a bit disjointed. I hope you don't mind!
Thursday: Nate took this during a downpour. We see it whenever it rains - but we still get a kick when it happens. (hint: it's an underground gutter from the house)
Friday evening: Maybe you were going to a movie, or out to dinner. We were spending big bucks at Sam's Club (and the Walmarts) buying school supplies and dorm food. Oh for the days of buying crayons, glue sticks & lunch bags!
Saturday: I got up at stupid o'clock to hang pictures, etc. at the church building. Then came home to this: Some of you may be thinking that my wonderful hubby defrosted the freezer and cleaned the fridge. What this really means is that when I woke up early (I don't like to get up early) - I found a puddle of water in front of the fridge. Not sure this 15 year old is gonna pull through. The fridge doctor hasn't called us back.
Timing? Yeah, not so good. Danae took a load of stuff to her apartment this afternoon and sleeping there tonight, then home tomorrow for load 2. Kirk and I will go with Nate and Danae to Winona tomorrow to help move in the rest of DJs stuff and move Nate in.
So, guess it looks like we are living out of the garage fridge and cooler for a few days.
Now for the last installment of horse facts, by Natalie....
"You can tell how old a horse is by looking at its teeth."
Can you name this famous horse and his human friend?


  1. I want some of that action...the sams club, etc.

  2. its Mr. Ed, the talking horse. i don't know who the lame human is.

  3. Looks like it's time for a new fridge to me :)

    Give the kids a hug for me, probably wont see them before they leave :(


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