Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Part II - Reception
If you aren't hungry now...you will be!
hors d'ourves table
Amazing fruit bouquet

Delicious Cheeses!
Wedding cake.
I didn't get to taste it, but I heard it was very good!
I love flowers.
Busy night! After I got home from work at 5:20 pm I "made-up" dinner as I went along --with ingredients from garden & pantry. Here's how: brown rice mixed with cheddar cheese (which melted) and some mexican seasoning...topped with garden veggies (green pepper, garlic, zucchini, tomato) that were heated in olive oil. Salt & Pepper to taste. Not sure what the family thought of it, but I liked it! But I like rice and veggies.
Cleaned up kitchen some...then to Hom Furniture to pick up table and decorative items for the church (purchased yesterday) and took them to the new building where a small team of us put the furniture together and set it "around" the place. Pictures didn't get hung yet. There is still time....before Sunday!
Kirk worked on setting up the band stuff with Merv and building things....not sure exactly what he was doing....but they were busy.

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  1. My mouth started to water when I saw that fruit


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