Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today.
Probably has everything to do with being home and all my babies not home.
As I was looking through pictures tonight I came across this one. I have vivid memories of our kids swinging on this tree swing when they were little. The kids love this place. The Cabinhaus. They all talk about going back - I'm sure it has to do with all the memories and love they felt here.
This is the place we learned to camp. Cara was 5 months old when she went camping for the first time, Nate was only 2 weeks old! Danae was under a year (but only because she has a September b'day)! We've done Disney and other vacations with the kids, but it is the camping trips they still talk about. The times with each other without an agenda.
Ramblings from an empty nest: Fridge was fixed today (dang-I hoped for a new one). Our pool became a 25,000 gallon hot tub was 97 degrees! I finally vaccumed our bedroom. The washer and dryer were available - I did 2 loads of wash - and didn't have to wait!
Time for a swim in the "big" hot tub and off to bed I go!


  1. I also have wonderful memories of camping with your family.Oh those were the days...dont you wish we had them back sometimes.

  2. We have wonderful memories of you and your family camping here at Cabinhaus. They were special timrd..remember the plays and circus's the kids put on? I sure do miss those days.


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