Friday, August 08, 2008

Growing up we didn't have pets. Unless you call fish pets. I don't. Fish are more decoration. What always confused me about us not having pets is that my father grew up with a dog, my mom spent time on her grandparent's farm. Now that I think of it, I don't think as many people had dogs & cats in the 60's as they do now.
One of the first things we did as new (& young) home owners was get a puppy. Kirk had grown up with a dog, so he was used to having a pet. I had a lot to learn as a first time puppy owner. I was a quick study though and that little puppy took hold of my heart in short time. Everyone loves a puppy. But only dog owners know the benefits of having a dog in the home.
When no one else comes to greet you at the end of a work day, you can be sure your dog will be there. When you are mad and upset -- the dog is the one who comes to your side - forgiving and forgetting your neglect or rudeness...and loving you anyway.
I have decided I am a hopeless dog-lover. They fascinate me. I'm especially enamored with larger dogs - though I have small dogs.
Two dogs, same breed, same trainers (us), same household.....
and two very distinct looks, personalities and behaviors!
While we were in Yellowstone I met these two Bernese Mountain dogs. Now, they are my new favorite breed! They are so adorable - so people loving - so huggable -- so big!
If I can't have a horse or two, maybe these would be a good substitute!
How about lover or not?


  1. NOT, (but I love your dogs)
    I grew up with a dog...still dont want one. (but I love your dogs)

  2. those dogs were amazing... but weren't they belgium or is it belgian? mountain dogs?

  3. Another common thread in our lives, "Dogs". I've always had a dog and agree with you that they can be very comforting at times when no one else understands.

  4. Although I may not always act like it...I do like Dogs and can't wait till i can get one!!!

  5. P.s. After all it's something for me to mother ;)

  6. I only dogs I have ever liked was my grandma's cocker spaniel, Ginger, and your dogs, seriously! Otherwise, big dogs drive me nuts.


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