Friday, August 15, 2008

Gold Rush!
Three glorious hours of walking around the town of Oronoco --- soaking in all the antique eye-candy.
Not just antiques, but new stuff made to look old too
This booth usually has neat things from Europe and Asia. I was just a little disappointed this year they were pretty sparce - and nothing new.
Kirk found something he would like
These homemade ice cream sandwiches are amazing!
We always get a gyro and
 ice cream sandwich - it's tradition.
I love this! For me it brings back memories of the fabric and notions department at Edward C. Minas Store
in Hammond, IN where my mom used to shop for fabric.
Mom, am I right in remembering
they had these for the thread?
This cabinet speaks to me. It was calling my name. Kirk told me to take a picture of it so he can make one for me!
I like things with cubby holes
Ok, I'm drawn to boxes too!
And you usually can find this famous golf cart
 roaming the streets of Oronoco too! 
I did buy something for myself, but I'll save that picture for another day!
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  1. I want that Ice cream sandwich.

  2. Anonymous10:14 PM CDT

    Looks like a great day...with perfect weather!! Would love to do a Gold Rush with an experienced antiquer like yourself some year!

  3. Karen, I think there is one at the fair grounds in September! Let's go!

  4. i like cubbies too. I always feel like I need to buy container thingies with cubbies even if I don't need them, so I resist.

  5. Aha! there are more "cubbie-lovers" out there! I knew it.


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