Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home Tour, Oronoco

Last stop on home tour
From the kitchen, you head upstairs to the kids room on the right, and the bathroom on the left.
A built-in shelf tucked in the stairway
A room for the grandchildren ~
The bathroom across the hallway  . . .
back down the stairs, and to the other end of the house is the Master bedroom . . .
Hallway from foyer to the bedroom ~
This closet is a dream!
A master bath I could live with!
Check out this wall vase . . .
They each have a Beta fish in it!
Yep, it's for sale!  I'd love to visit you here!
Kirk's complaining....he wants new material on the blog, so if you are feeling the same way, come back tomorrow!


  1. As soon as I saw the for sale sign photo, I thought it was going to be YOUR new house. I had to re-read the line under the pic!! Like Nate, I can't wait to see what you're up to at your place.

  2. yea no kiddin mom what did you do to my room!?!? and don't you dare move! I mean if you buy me the house i'll move in!


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