Sunday, August 17, 2008

Does this picture mean anything to you?
It does to me.

Somehow it happened to us today.
Inspite of all the planning, packing, loading vehicles, the drive to Winona . . .
Arriving at the dorm (Nate) and apartment (Danae) . . .

and the unloading - and setting up ---

I was still, somehow, caught off-guard.
Kirk and I finally pulled out of town (Winona) at 9:00 pm tonight (after unloading at two residences, dinner with the kids, and grocery shopping). We were driving separate vehicles.
All the sudden it happened. The floodgates opened. I cried. I prayed for each of my three kids. I cried again. I prayed more. I cried and prayed.
Then through my tears I started to think about how absolutely, positively proud I am of our children. They are among my heroes, each in their own way. (and that will be a different blog).
Cara, Nate, Danae --- I know you will continue to keep making "Good Choices".
More later, right now I'm physically tired, and emotionally spent.
Love you,
Dad & Mom


  1. Praying for you and Kirk as you transistion. It just happens way too fast doesnt it. Makes me want to cherish the little chick I still have at home.
    You have much to be proud of...Hugs

  2. Thank goodness for parents who pray for their kids :)

  3. I remember my mom crying (and maybe my dad) when they took me to college and I couldn't understand why. I was happy and excited to be there and was ready to be independent (so I went to school almost 600 miles away from home). But now that I am a parent, I totally understand it. Try reading The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado to your child without crying!


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