Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you watch the TV show Heroes?
I never have, but the men in our home watch it.  And like it.  Which tells me it is a "manshow" - and something I probably wouldn't be interested in. 
Sometimes the men in this house hunker down in the "man room" with their popcorn and watch movies and tv shows (like Hereos)that only they can appreciate.  That's when I go looking for something creative to do.  Or girlie.  Or I eat....and that's not good.
Some time in September, the 22nd maybe, will be the first new episode of Heroes.  I think I'll watch.  But ONLY because I actually met one of the new Heroes!  I did.  And so did the other 4 people in our family.  And Cara DANCED with him -- at her cousin's wedding.  This particular Hero asked Cara who her favorite Hero was when they were introduced (by Uncle  Bob) --- and since Cara had never watched the show, she said, "Um, I like them all".  Phew, got through that one!
 and then they found themselves on the dance floor, while mom and Aunt Sandy pretended to be paparazzi!
That's where our little claim to fame vacation moment ended -- on the dance floor!


  1. So what's his name?? And has he been in anything else we'd all know? I love brushes with fame and I have actually had a couple of my own recently which NEVER happens to me!

  2. thanks for the gorgeous pictures...haha your funny!

  3. I found him on imdb a few days ago! here's his site!
    He's been in a lot of other shows too.

  4. For Karyn, he's been in shows like the Closer, Crossing Jordan, Veronica Mars, Sleeper Cell, K-Ville, Cold Case, CSI, JAG, Freaks and Geeks, and Boy Meets World!

  5. Thanks Nate!! My own "brushes" both happened at my 20th class reunion. A girl from my class married Brian Setzer - aMAYzing guitar player of the Stray Cats/Brian Setzer Orchestra? Greg and I are HUGE got my pic with him of course. The other is this guy
    - another classmate - had a major crush on him in school. Still think he's awfully cute. ;-)


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