Sunday, August 03, 2008

How did we get from this

to this . . .
so quickly?

This morning we sent our first baby off . . . to her "grown-up" world --- in the far-far-away land of Cincinnati, Ohio. We hugged and kissed her good-bye at the Minneapolis airport....then drove off.....and although it felt wrong . . . it also felt right. My tears were a mix --- part sad - but alot happy and proud of our girl. She's a brave, strong & sensible girl (woman) who is very capable and equipped to enter her nursing career doing what she does best --- caring for others with her God-given gifts.
Cara - we love you!


  1. hahahahahahaha dad's mickey mouse shirt and cut offs. TOO perfect! i love it! please tell me you still have that shirt dad? or if you don't, we shall find you another!

    and why can't cara read this til tuesday momma? i'm confused..

    and cara-i love you and i miss you already! you're an amazing big sister and i can't believe you're starting your big girl job tomorrow (well today). can't wait to see you again! :D

  2. I should have never read this at work..... breath in...breath out

    You and Kirk raised yourselves an amazing young lady...she is well prepared and will do great in this next phase of he life :)

  3. 2 tears......

    and I love lil cara picture so much! I'm so proud of my friend and I can't wait to share nursing stories!

  4. You Guys...I haven't cried since sunday night now stop it! (it's tuesday night) Thank you everyone for your confidence and love support and prayers...keep it up!!!! I need it :) I love my outfit while biking oddly enough i'm currently in a simular one right now!!! and i miss you all way too much!!!!

  5. p.s. i like that i'm out your windoW!

  6. It's hard to see a daughter go off on her own, yet that is what all that bringing up is about. A daughter/granddaughter is someone you hold in your heart forever. You will do great Cara, G-mo


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