Monday, August 11, 2008

After my post yesterday about my equine care for the next two weeks, I received an email from a friend saying:
"Can I pretty please bring Natalie over some evening so she can "help" you take care of them (the horses)? She will love you forever!"
Love me forever? I wasn't about to let that opportunity slip through my fingers! So tonight Natalie came over and helped me feed Red & Silk. Turns out Natalie loves horses too. According to her dad she passes up the children's books at the library, heading straight to the books about horses.
With all that horse knowledge swimming around inside her 1st grade head, I've asked Natalie to send me some piece of information about horses everyday (or so) for me to post here. At the end of each day's blog, I will include Natalie's interesting horse fact!
Natalie says: "Horses are measured in 'hands'. A pony is less than 14 hands high. A horse is more than 14 hands high. The end!"


  1. So will be fun to read Miss Natalie's "fact o' the day"!

  2. As you well know...You will be a vivid memory of Natalie's childhood. She's a lucky little girl to have a great friend like you. (Age doesnt even matter, does it!!!)


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