Thursday, July 03, 2008

We're off to the beach!

The Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore! This is our old "stomp'n ground" when we were growing up, and teens. Any given weekend you could have found my baby-oil slathered body soaking up the sun on these beaches. Many good times on the beach, climbing the huge sand dunes -- it is a long hike to the top, but the view is amazing....and jumping down the dunes....well, there isn't anything like it!

Kirk, Cara and I are heading out this afternoon, spending a night in Elgin, IL with my "baby" sister, her hubby and their punks....then leaving after an early breakfast to the beach.
The beach is just one of many perks on this trip. We are also going to the wedding of some long time friends daughter (over over 30 years --who we spent many beach days with). The wedding is Saturday -- but there will be a partying all day on Friday/Saturday at our friends house where we will get to see many old friends. Some of the friends we haven't seen in over 20 years. THAT is sad.
Gotta go find my baby-oil sunscreen!

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  1. Have fun guys. A day on the beach would be glorius :)


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