Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Special places, cont.
Is there anyone out there in blogland that is as sentimental as I am about places I've lived and visited? I can't help it. I'm hopelessly sentimental. Our first home is one of the places that causes the sentiment to rise in me. There is just something special about this home....that we bought in 1983 when we were a youthful 24 years old. Later ....in 1986, 1987 and 1988 we would bring our kids home from the hospital to this place we called home in Upstate NY.

It was about 76 years old when we bought it, and didn't have that back (white) addition on it. We started that addition when we were expecting Danae, and finished it when we moved to Minnesota in 1992. Hey, it was a two-story addition, with 2 bathrooms...a master suite and a family room with a woodburning stove.....and Kirk did the work himself! (with the help of some faithful friends). That awesome front porch was the place to be every summer! The kids played on the porch, we entertained there, and just watched the happenings of the neighborhood. When I was pregnant with Danae, I even slept on it a few nights!

This is the living room that I turned into the dining room after the addition was built. Man do I miss this house. It had so much charm and character. And the kids height measurements on the beam in the kitchen....and their handprints in the new concrete out front.

So, am I the only one who is sentimental about special places and homes?


  1. That is such I cute house. You always talked so fondly of it, but now I actually get to see what it looked like.

  2. I love that house! All those stairs were the death of me i'm pretty sure! I feel down them more than once i'm pretty sure...and i'm almost positive it would have happened again and again as i got older!

  3. i fell down those stairs once... but yea, i liked that house too.


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