Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some of the old familiar gang . . .
We were in youth group together, went to retreats, camps, each other's weddings, then we grew up, moved far and near, got jobs and had kids . . .

I think we did a pretty good job of it too! (some of our kids)

and grandkids !

It was a little surreal to watch our kids on the dance floor together having fun acting as crazy as were at their ages!

There was no end to the silliness and fun all our kids had at the reception!


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM CDT

    Can't believe you were all together again. Looks like fun. I see there is another pretty blond in the fam.

  2. Cheri - I saw your comment over at PW's photoblog on the D80 and lens. I was going to answer there, but I'm betting it would be totally lost in the avalanche!

    I had issues with the AF not working once in a while (generally in low light situations) I posted a question at the DP Review forum about this and one of the guys there told me to try using one of the other AF settings.

    I had left my camera in AF-A which is the default. It's supposed to choose which focus type AF-S (single servo - which is a non-moving object) or AF-C (Continuous Servo - for moving objects) is best automatically - but sometimes it gets confused.

    Once in a while, it simply refused to take the picture. This will periodically happen if the D80 can't "get a focus lock". You can try putting it into AF-C this will let you take the picture - although it might end up blurry because the lens isn't going to care whether or not there's a good focus so it won't stop you.

    I tried that mode for a while - but if I moved the tiniest bit off my mark - I ended with a blurred shot. So I went back to AF-A. But now I know it's a lighting - focus issue so if it won't take the pic - I try moving about or even going to manual to get the shot.

    I also bought Thom Hogan's D80 manual which helped explain some of this stuff to me better than the Nikon manual. He's at

    Good Luck! Hope this helps.

  3. Oops - forgot to say, I would have emailed all that - but somehow I either missed it or you don't have an email addy posted. I probably missed it ;-)

  4. Cheri, It is so wonderful to see you all together again and having the same fun you had (how many years ago?) Oh my heart, how old does that make me? This brings back memories. . . .You all look wonderful.
    I still hold you all in my heart! Cheri's mom, Sue


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