Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recycling - in the flower bed !
Another revelation about me - I like bottles - not just any bottle, but the ones with some character or that are old, antique-y, vintage-y bottles. Or pretty colored bottles.
I don't have many bottles, but I love to look at them and am drawn to them in stores like IKEA and World Market. Recently I came up with a plan to recycle and enjoy some of the wine bottles we've emptied..... which I've hated to throw away!
With our bottle cutter, we cut off some bottoms of wine bottles.

and we left some bottoms in tact....then I stuck the bottles top (neck) down along the edge of the flower bed in the backyard flower bed. . . and put tea lights in the little indentation on the bottom of the bottles -- or set the candle inside the bottle on the ones we cut the bottoms off.

It really makes for a pretty evening light display (when there isnt' any wind!)

Now you can start recycling wine bottles for your own collection! (or you can give them to me for mine!)

Happy Summer!



  1. Anonymous10:42 PM CDT

    That is so wonderfully whimsical! I love it! I want some for my yard!! I'll have to get more details about how to do that whole cutting off the bottom thing. So awesome!

  2. First I have to acquire a tatse for wine....probably wont happen. I love that look Cheri, what a great idea,

  3. Martha Stewart should call you up.


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