Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'll have some more please.
So today was just a "little" windy....but it was still a good day. We slept til 9am (perfect) had breakfast, then Cara joined Kirk and I for a cup of coffee on the back patio. That's when some friends stopped by (we hadn't showered, and some of us were in our pajama's still) -- but it was good! We visited with them for a bit, then started to get some things done.
I was happy to finally get my little barrel pond up and running. This year it is on the back patio, and has 5 goldfish in it! (thanks to JoLynn).
Gabby was happy to have the barrel full....she likes to drink from it!

When you want to hang your bedding outdoors, the wind is a good thing!
Everything dried on the clothesline in about 20 minutes!

Rosie and Dorothy spent the day out in the yard (instead of the pen). It amazes me how they stick around, and how Gabby leaves them alone!

Kirk got a lot of painting done on the barn. We love the shade of red we chose!

I really wanted to help Kirk paint the barn. But the sun and pool were just too much of a draw for me and I gave in to an hour of float & sun time. I did get all my laundry done, folded and put away today, and made a salad and salsa and frosting for banana bars that Cara made, and helped Nate put on a birthday party for his friend Maggie this evening (which is still going on at 11:30 pm!).

Tomorrow....more outdoor time for me!


  1. It was a great day for doing laudry, I did the same :)


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