Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do you remember the 80's? I do. But, mostly I remember my little sister's "lion hair" (held together with a can of hairspray), and her nearly white lipstick and eye shadow. Last night Danae and her friends dressed up 80's style and went bowling. Though they were born in the second half of the 80's, they didn't do too bad. I wasn't home when Danae left for the bowling alley scene, when she got home at midnight (or so) -- I'd just crawled into bed -- but seeing how cute she looked, I forced myself back out of bed to take some photos!
I kinda like the red lipstick on her!
I'm signing off now....road trip 2008 begins in 5 hours! We are getting up at stupid o'clock tomorrow and leaving at dumb-thirty. I'll be posting from Montana tomorrow! Pray for us. :)


  1. Have a grat trip.
    PS I especially like Danae's legwarmers (she wasnt makin' fun of them was she?) They were an essential part of an arobic workout.

  2. i was not making fun of them at all! i wish i had grown up in the 80's! i loved the big hair and bright colors and wonderfully obnoxious outfits! :D

  3. I love Danae's look and I also got up at stupid o clock today.


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