Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day One
Leave time: 4:45 am
Arrive in Billings, Montana: 7:30 pm (CST)
A cow....on a North Dakota. Go figure.
The Badlands of NORTH Dakota! (who knew)

Cara's turn to drive, Danae riding shotgun. See the house in the background? It's abandoned. There are lots of those in the middle of no-where in North Dakota.
Finally in our room in Billings, Montana. Free Papa John's pizza came with the room. Wireless Internet. It's all good.

We "dodged a bullet" today... while Cara was driving the last leg of our trip today the "low fuel" light came on .... in the middle of nowhere. No kidding. When we arrived in Billings, MT we pulled into a gas station -- it was closed. Thankfully, there was another gas station across the street...we put in 20 gallons/$82 worth of gas. Kirk checked out the owner's manual after the fill-up. The gas tank holds 20 gallons! Phew.


  1. I think my hair looks amazing! :)

  2. wow I love how you alllll have a laptop.


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