Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 2
Wake up: 5:30 am
Leave Billings, MT: 6:30 am
Arrive McCall, ID 6:30 pm
620 miles
Hands down, this was the prettiest stretch of travel! Just about anything would be better than the barren roads in North Dakota. I started the driving marathon today, with Danae riding shotgun. She took the beautiful photo above. The snow capped Rocky Mountains are barely visible in the background.

I had to take a few photos through the windshield - so poor quality, but you get the idea of the beautiful scenery we had the entire trip today.

We actually pulled off the road to take this photo. We followed this river, with this view all but about 2 hours of the drive today. It was incredible. When we emerged from the van the smell of pine and the sound of the rushing river was intoxicating.

We saw many logging trucks - and got behind a few. They were kind to let us pass easily --- we did have two close calls passing today. Arrgggh. I HATE passing on two lane roads -- especially when they have lots of curves.

This "road to nowhere" up the hill is for the runaway trucks. We were used to seeing them in Upstate NY where we lived for 12 years...but in Minnesota -- well, they really don't need such things.
We arrived at around 6:30 pm weary from our day of travel, yet knowing that a full evening of activity awaited us. After settling in our very comfortable rental house, which has a nice deck overlooking a golf course, we walked the 1/2 block to the rental house where Kirk's sister & family are staying...and visited. Then the men took over the house for a bachelor party of sorts, while the young girls went to someone elses house --- our 2 included. Kirk's sister, her friend Nancy, 3 of the brides relatives and I went to dinner. At 11pm we called it a night....Kirk and Nate arrived soon after me, then Danae showed up. Party girl Cara is down the street partying with her cousins and the wedding party. Figures.
Tomorrow.....we report at 11 am to a parking lot to load onto a bus that is taking us to the whitewater rafting location - where we will board our rafts for some easy (hopefully) class 3 rafting all afternoon. Then ....the rehearsal dinner at around 8pm. Are you tired yet? I AM!


  1. Wow....too much fun already. Those pics make me want to drive there. Cant wait to see more pictures.

  2. good lord, I can harly keep track of you people! You are always going going going! Looks like alot of fun!


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