Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another step into "grown-up land" is taken by our first baby.

C is moving into her own place the first week in August. One of her immediate needs was a bed, so while we were in Cincinnati for her graduation, we helped her purchase a mattress & box spring. Which meant a lot of laying around .... and testing.

DJ just wanted to rest and not be a part of the process.
Of course you have to lay on each mattress the way you would normally sleep.

Even if it is embarrassing.

That's the winning set (above). It's really comfy and will feel especially good after C gets off her 12 hour (night) nursing shift.

Excuse me now while I go cry 'cuz my baby is moving away.

p.s. "Special Places" to be continued, later.


  1. Cara's stomache posistion reminds me of when the kids were babies and slept with their butt's in the air...Ha

  2. since when am i just "C"

  3. I know that sleeping Cara from sleepover days!!!! I don't want her to leave either Cheri, lets start a petition.


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