Tuesday, July 08, 2008

All summer . . .
I've been longing to go here . . .
For one of these . . .

With this on top!

And tonight was my lucky night! Kirk took me to get a DQ Krunch Kote Cone. Per Cara's instruction, I ordered a "side" of Krunch Kote to dip my cone in as I ate it. WOW . . . talk about sugar overload. Oh my, I should have ordered a small cone instead of a medium.

Let's just say, I'm satisfied. I don't have a deep desire for another Krunch Kote cone in the near future. Culver's custard is still my favorite ice cream. Did you know I have a "thing" for ice cream CONES? I do. I love ice cream cones. A plain cone, please. Flavor of choice is Butter Pecan. At McDonald's it is a twist cone (their cones are lower in calories). Vanilla custard at Culver's rocks too!

How about you? What is your favorite ice cream? How do you like it served? In a dish? A cone? Plain cone or sugar cone? Do you even like ice cream? Some people don't I guess, but I'll never understand that!


  1. WOW MOM. I'M the one who told you AND cara about the side of crunch. disappointing.

  2. The more crunch and chew in the ice cream the better. Plain vanilla doesnt do it for me. I also love crunch coat!!! That's what i get at DQ. Cara shared the extra crunch kote with us last time we were there, but danae, I'll give you some of the credit since you told Cara about it :)

  3. Love love love it all - but just don't eat it as often anymore...but if I did here's what I might be indulging in...

    DQ's peanut buster parfait
    Culvers turtle sundae
    Mint Choc Chip
    Rocky Road (must have real marshmallows - not just marshmallow "swirl")
    Homemade guilty pleasure - Vanilla with choc syrup, bananas, choc chips and whipped cream...hehe.

  4. Anonymous10:48 PM CDT

    I absolutely love Hagen Daz Chocolate Chocolate Ice Cream in a waffle cone! Sarak

  5. any ice cream works really...but culver's custard...vanilla is my fav. or choc with heath...well i can't really pick...okay and then well GRAETERS...God's gift to cincinnati! You all must come and try it...black rasberry chip...is well it's Ah-mazing!


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